Comedian Michele LaFong to be featured on SIN CITY ER on March 18 at 7PM PT/9C
New series on Discovery Life Network

Las Vegas, NV-March 13, 2016- Comedian/ventriloquist Michele LaFong, and her puppets are featured in an episode of SIN CITY ER, which will be the first of several airings to run exclusively on the Discovery Life Network on March 18 at 7PM PT/9C, with repeats and airings on other networks thereafter. SIN CITY ER reveals the gritty real-life medical dramas that unfold behind Vegas' glitzy facade. All episodes will be archived on once the episode initially airs, and will be available on iTunes.

Cineflix Media produces SIN CITY ER, which is shot on-location in Las Vegas.

In episode #6, of SIN CITY ER, Michele LaFong and her "backseat driving puppets" share their never been told story of how their lives and careers dramatically changed following a high speed, head-on collision that occurred in 2003, while driving to a three month engagement at The Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Laughlin Nevada.

Michele LaFong is the protege of the legendary Senor Wences, the most famous international ventriloquist in the world who "passed the torch" to her, by "handing-off" his original puppets, together with the exclusive rights to perform his famous characters Johnny, the lipstick hand-puppet, and Pedro, the head in the box, as documented in LIFE Magazine, March 1998. Both make cameo appearances in Michele's stage show and on SIN CITY ER. They will also be featured in her upcoming book.

What The Critics Say...

"A brilliant momentum of laughs combined with impeccable comedy timing."

-Jackie Mason

"She's got big-league stuff. Her vocal technique is first rate and her
puppeteering skills are extraordinary. She's going to be a star!"

-The Washington Post

"Her bread and butter closer is a tour de force and all ventriloquist -
multiple voices, voices from various distances, heavy stuff, and our favorite lipstick hand puppet Johnny is top shelf."

-Joe Delaney, Las Vegas Sun

"She is the Protege of Senor Wence, most popular from The Ed Sullivan Show, and was voted Best Female Ventriloquist -
And we can see why her, may we quote here ... 'Easy for me difficult for you' from her classic Johnny routine was needless to say
s' right for everyone at our event. It's Michele LaFong and other stars like Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator, Shari Lewis and more that make this type of variety act a must see for all ages!"

-Stars Among The Angels, Las Vegas

"She demonstrates both impeccable technique and solid comic flair."

-Michael Paskevich, Las Vegas Review Journal

"She is a superb standup. A talented impressionist and creative
ventriloquist. Her material is fresh and imaginative."

- Maryland Times Press

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